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Is Perpetual Peace Achievable By the Human Being?

The Six Enemies Of the Human Being How can I attain perpetual peace or bliss in my life of struggle and chaos? Everyone confronts this challenge. The human being is incessantly searching for constant peace and happiness in his life. He is aware of his incomplete life and continuously tries to upgrade it. He knows also […]

Religious prayer at public (government) schools? No.Never!

                                      Student. Photo by Sule Makaro on Unsplash                                    India has a secular Constitution. In India, government (public) schools have no […]

Can Man Be A Sinner From His Birth?

  Sin In Religion Disobedience of god’s commands in the scriptures is a sin. Most religions have sin as part of their theology. Jerry Coyne, the evolutionary biologist states the fact: ‘The central lesson of Christianity is that sin was brought into the world by the transgression of Adam and Eve, the Primal Couple, and […]

Who Claims That Death Is The Victor?

  Death, The Terror! Death! An evil? It is terrifying and wraps its incidence with dark all around gloom and numbness. No living entity welcomes it. Death is not only inevitable, irreversible, universal but also final. Kahlil Gibran says: ‘Life and death are two ends of the human’s journey on the planet.        […]

Work Is Worship

To Work Is To Live Work is the breath of life. The human being should work to live and to enable society to live. He is born with this responsibility. The work may be physical or mental. There is an aphorism: He who does not work neither shall he eat. Work is sacred; work is […]

A Philosophy of Life for All and for All Time

The Decline of  Superstitious Beliefs We have been asking questions: Does God exist? Has anyone seen heaven or hell? Do they exist? Is afterlife real? Does the soul exist? Is rebirth true? The rational, logical and genuine answer to these questions is a categorical ‘No’, as they are questions relating to concepts of religious irrationality. […]

Is Man More Than God?

Swami Vivekananda, the celebrated propagator and progressive interpreter of Vedanta philosophy has explained his ideas of God, religion and man’s place in the spiritual practice in the book, What Religion Is: Search for God ‘……. man, after vain search after various Gods outside himself, completes the circle and comes back to the point from which […]

Reading Two Answers To Two Universal Questions Makes You Rational

The genius of science on the universe and God Stephen Hawking, the genius of astronomy and cosmology has the profoundly path-breaking and rationally impactful insight into the origin of the universe and the idea of God. He says in his book, Brief Answers To The Big Questions: ‘ You can’t get to a time before the […]

An Agnostic-Can He Be Right?

The agnostic says that there are no sufficient reasons for either an affirmation or denial of the existence of God, Satan and so on.   He sits on  fence about these matters. But his stand is irrational, as we can see now. Rational approach to truth A belief to be true should be rational. It should […]

Religious Violence In The World-Who Is Its Irrational Mother?

Books are sacred  Books are products of our culture as inexhaustible and perennial sources of human knowledge and wisdom. They are revered as gifts of knowledge goddess. We believe that they always do good to us and can never do harm to us, their readers. However, we have to read religious books with critical and […]

Spirituality -Is It Natural To Human Beings?

Spirituality Is Natural To The Human Being I am entering a restricted or prohibited, sensitive and sacred area. Religion-practitioners lay down the adoption of God, acceptance of scriptural literalism as God’s voice and religious miracle stories and rituals as prerequisites, and so on for a lofty spiritual human life. Faith can move mountains and prayer to […]

The World Knows Who A Heretic Is-A Rationalist And A Humanist

A  heretic is a rationalist whose religious views differ from the established religious practices. He is a rebel not only in religion such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and so on but also in any intellectual area. The heretic’s ideal is to rid human mind of the religious and intellectual irrationality. The heretic maintains that to […]

Mahatma Gandhi, A Rare Rationalist

 The world knows that Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Indian nation, the legendary leader of the non-violent struggle for India’s freedom and an apostle of non-violence was a deeply religious thinker and a unique statesman of simplicity the human history has ever seen.                          […]

Why Basavanna, the Rationalist and Humanist Thinker Is Relevant Today

Basavanna ( about 1115-1167) meaning elder brother Basava ( he is also venerably called as Basaveshwara or simply Basava) was a  rationalist revolutionary, unique prophet, pragmatic humanist and irrepressible social organizer and reformer. He revolted against the Vedas, their unjust social caste structure and irrational and harmful religious rituals. He founded a new religion named […]

It Is High Time To Act

Existing  Method of Payment of Wages of Employees The government of India amended Section 6 of the Payment of Wages,1936, a major Indian labour law on 28-12-2016 to the effect that payment of wages of employees shall be made either in currency notes or by cheque or by credit in their bank accounts. The amended law […]

Has Science Won the Battle Against Religion?

The Clash between Religion and Science From the ancient times to the present day, there has been a continuous conflict between religion and science on the correct method of finding out the truth about the world or reality. It was an unequal and unjust fight between the two till the recent past. Religion won the […]

How We Know the World

                               Gateways of Knowledge According to philosophy, there are three ways of knowing things, living or non-living:1) directly through the five senses,2) indirectly through senses aided by the scientific instruments like microscope and telescope, 3) again indirectly through the testing models developed […]

Can We Be Moral Without Religion?

Divine Moral Code  For centuries, there has been a continuous and fierce conflict among the divinely ordained moral codes of the religions. The moral code of one religion is against or different from another moral code of another religion. But every faith proclaims that its moral code is the only right one binding on all […]

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