To Live Good Life, Man Must Be Free


Rationalism Is the Light

‘Good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge nor knowledge without love can produce a good life.’-Bertrand Russell.

I am free from the historical and’ biological baggage’ of non-existent God and his alleged intervention in human affairs and am rational to be free. As a rational man, I  am capable of living a ‘good life…inspired by love and guided by knowledge’.

I  am liberated from the pervasive grip and shackles of the illusory God and the accompanying superstitions of faith in, prayer to and worship of, God for his favours and gifts. I have thrown away as baseless and illogical the religious apologists’ concept of God as the supernatural governor of the universe issuing commands to human beings as to what they should think, say,  eat, wear, whom to marry, and what is right or wrong and an afterlife, soul and karma. Such a God is an ILLUSION created by man himself under pressing historical situation.

The religious apologists have three main cosmological. ontological and teleological arguments for the existence of God. These three stances are just ingenious rationalizations of their already accepted beliefs without ANY evidentiary basis. Since knowledge of existence of God cannot be gained directly through our five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste or indirectly through the use of special instruments like microscope and telescope and through the scientific or logical methods, God is inescapably found to be a pure illusion, a human creation or a human assumption.

A.C.Grayling, the British philosopher’s   comment on God in his The God Argument(pp 26 -27) is weighty and relevant here:

‘If a god is loving, merciful, kind, compassionate and the like, how can it tolerate pain, misery and arbitrary suffering, independent of the merits of the sufferer? How could it create or tolerate a world that is sometimes brutal to sentient beings, in tsunamis, earthquakes, terrible diseases, violent death, terror and panic?                                                                                            Few human beings would inflict any of these things on those they have created(their children) or about whom they care.                                                      The existence of natural evil-disease and disaster-appears to be inconsistent with the idea of a benevolent agency, most especially if that agency designed and created such a universe.’

Indian Rationalism

About Indian rationalism and atheism, Deviprasad  Chattopadhyaya, the respected authority on Indian philosophy has the following remarks:

‘Only two of the major philosophies of India can be considered as theistic and even this not without important reservations. All the other major Indian philosophies were atheistic. This means that, except for a negligible minority, the Indian philosophers found no use for the concept of God; they moreover actively engaged themselves to demonstrate-philosophically speaking-the concept of God was not in the least acceptable’.

‘By contrast, Buddism, Jainism, Purva Mimamsa, Shankhya, Lokayata, Nyaya-Vaisheshika in its original form were philosophies of committed atheism in India.’(Indian Atheism, pp.24 and 29).

Man must courageously shake off the age-old involuntary and irrational burden of his belief in the concepts of God, heaven, hell, afterlife, karma and soul and their accompanying meaningless rituals of prayer and surrender to God imposed on and heavily weighing down his mind and become TRULY FREE. The rational man is the free man!

Man, the Maker Of His Destiny

Man is the maker of his own destiny. He does not need the non-existent external support of the supernatural agency, the God for his activities. He may need and can get the help of his fellow humans in all his endeavors, sorrow and for solace and peace.

Simply by praying to God-

Can man earn his livelihood without doing work? For him, ’work is worship’

Can he enjoy good health without taking good food, essential exercise or physical labour and proper rest?

Can he gain any knowledge of the world and life skills without education/self-education?

The answer is NO. The God can have NO role here, as he is non-existent.

Has God ever answered man’s prayer for gifting something in the entire human history?

Has God ever punished a man for his immorality, crime and violation of his alleged commands in the entire human history?

The answer is NO. The God, therefore, is imaginary, illusory and non-existent and, hence,  can have NO part to play in human life.

How can we then assert that he is the supernatural governor of the universe, both animate and inanimate?

Man is, therefore, the maker of his own history. Man is to man a brother. friend, father( to his children) and a fellow human being and participant in the eternal and harmonious flow of life in society. His bond with his fellowmen is and will be one of love, dignity, goodwill, sympathy, fairness and social unity irrespective of anyone’s creed, caste and colour.

The irrational mind is the enslaved mind!

Rationality is the unfailing flame shedding light on and eliminating centuries-old intellectual darkness in the human mind!!

Religious fundamentalist hate, intolerance and human bloodshed will be rooted out.

Art, music, literature and culture will bloom in full in the secure, secular society of rational and free men.

‘Man is the measure of everything’-Protagoras

Humanism nourished and led by rationalism is the right road map for all-around human growth.