Miracle Is a Myth.

It is a matter of rationality. The word ‘miraculous’ has two meanings:1) literal and 2) figurative. The literal meaning is ‘supernatural’ and the second meaning is ‘remarkable’ or ‘surprising’ as in miraculous escape, miraculous recovery of health. Walking on water, for example, is a miracle.

I choose the first meaning of the word for my comment

Miracle Is A Fiction

A miracle is a pure fiction. Being supernatural, it cannot be proved, as it has no provable evidence. It is against the laws of nature.                                  Anything against the laws of nature is unreal and untrue. Natural laws govern the world. Miracles are,therefore, based on man’s misconceived perception of events and things.

For example,  the required friction between two stone pieces creates fire. A matchbox and a matchstick are necessary to add fire to paper. Nothing is created out of nothing and nothing happens against nature’s laws.

Science Is Progressive

If something is unknown to us or unexplained by the science, it does not mean it is a miraculous event or thing.                                                                  Richard Dawkins, the well-known scientist says,’There are things not even the best scientists of today can explain.”Science continues to investigate such things or events to explain them by uncovering the presumed mystery behind them and reaching the truth. The march of the science for truth is perennial.





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