I am an Indian, living in Bengaluru and a retiree from the government job of Indian labour law enforcement inspector for 23 years.

Two Passions

I have a passion for the rational and  humanist outlook on life

My purpose in blogging has two elements:(1) to outline the basic tenets of rationalism and humanism in my way in this blog site and (2) to publish blog posts, guest posts, and so on in this niche for monetization.

The great thinkers like Charvaka, Confucius, Lucretius, Epicurus, Spinoza, Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, M. N. Roy, A. C. Grayling, Daniel Dennett and many others and scientists like Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and many others have shown the road to rationality, freedom, humanism, and, ultimately, the good life that human beings can live.

 To Be Free Is To Be Rational

To purge people of the centuries-old superstitious beliefs, bigotry, religious intolerance and hate and terrorist bloodbath, blind faith, miracle, and magic is the first element of my blogging purpose.

The spirit of rationality and humanism should pervade human society and man should be the only centre of all human activities.

If some people become convinced of the soundness of the concepts of rationalism, humanism, freedom and good life and subscribe to them, the first element of my purpose will be fulfilled.

I am taking steps in the implementation of the second element of my blog purpose, blog monetization.


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