The National Poet With An Enlightened Heart

Image from  unsplash

‘Searched for the non-existent God In the temples of stone and soil everywhere, Failed to recognize the love and Friendship present among ourselves here.’

This is the intense outpouring of the rationalist heart of one of India’s national poets, Dr.G.S.Shivarudrappa.

God is present in the heart of man in the form of love and goodwill among human beings. Men are Gods when they are in harmony and co-operation with their fellow beings. A man helps a man in every situation.

Human brotherhood is the natural and noblest bond. Human conscience is the universal binding force. A good man is God if we prefer to call him so. The celebrated poet continues: ‘From the beginning, I have no interest in the subjects of God and spiritualism. More than these, my basic concern is for man and human relationships.’

REAL GODS                                                                                                                                ‘ ‘As I see, more than the invisible God, Jesus Christ, Basavanna, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Gandhi, who lived like us and reached godly heights, are venerable to me. Their concern for the life and solving the pains and privations and upholding the values-because of these, they deserve our veneration! And because of this, temples and related concepts of God did not enchant me. So I do not like the class of people, who exploit common people’s superstitions as their capital in the name of God…………… Instead, love, friendship, kindness, mercy are our Gods.’

WORLD WITHOUT GOD The poet’s sensitive heart has seen the truth of the ultimate reality that is life on this planet. He has sharply differentiated the truth from the myth, the myth of the other world( heaven and hell). Life is the truth and after-life is the myth; life is the beginning and death is the end. The poet eloquently echoes Basavanna, the 12th-century Indian religious rebel extraordinary on humanism and enlightenment.

NATURE IS GOD Man is next to Nature. Nature is his mother. Nature, in a sense, is the god and man her child. This is our world; the other world is illusionists’ dream world. Life on this planet is good without god; the godless world is real and good.

And this has been the truth since the flowering of life on this planet. Responses are welcome.