A Joyful Life Is Our Birthright

man in black suit kissing woman in white wedding dress on seashore during daytime                                                                             Photo by Emre Coban       

Life is short                                                                                                                         

Life is transient.

Life is not pure joy or pure grief. Life has two indivisible sides or faces. Life is a mix of ecstasy and agony, ups and downs, war and peace, love and hate, and so on.

Defeatist outlook, cynicism, hopelessness, helplessness, and so on are attitudes afflicting part of the society; another part of society has a positive attitude to life and enjoys it.

Meaningless life?

Some have the wrong conception that life is meaningless. The other world is real and a place of happiness for all. The human being should aspire and strive for it. Here on this Earth, life is torturing and tormenting; poverty, forced misfortune, hate, violence, jealousy, clashes of faith, and so on dance in the wild craze. Life is transient on the Earth; it is immortal in heaven, the other world.

The past is dead and to be forgotten after lessons learned; the future is mostly unknown. The present is a short time. It is our property and opportunity of limitless value. It is nature’s temporary and unique gift to us of which we should make the most of.

Wherever there is life, there are hope and a spring of action to transform the hope into reality in the present life.

Mystery after mystery

The world is mysterious. After one mystery is solved, another mystery emerges, and the effort to solve it starts. The mysteries of the world are endless.

So far, no one knows exactly how life came into existence and exactly what consciousness is. What is certain is they are natural parts of the product of nature, the human being.

Heaven and hell are the mysteries. None has gone to them and returned to describe both to us on this Earth.

None has discovered the indisputable true meaning of life and human happiness. The philosophers and sages have interpreted the world in various ways and defined human happiness in mutually conflicting ways. Among them, there is no unanimity about them.

Right outlook on life

Omar Khayyam, the rational mystic knows all that and expresses it in his Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and offers his wise advice in these complex human life circumstances. He says:

‘How long, how long, in infinite Pursuit

Of This and That endeavor and dispute?

Better be merry with fruitful Grape

Than sadden after none, or bitter, Fruit.’

The endeavors of pursuit to solve and end disputes are endless!

Intellectual and life disputes are like the waves of the sea.

The present is the priority of human life. The human being should carry out the lessons of his experience in his present life. His future should and can be planned to some extent. His present time is supremely important and he has an almost full grip over it. The present is his day for the enjoyment of life.

Omar Khayyam further says:

‘Ah! My Beloved, fill the Cup that clears

TODAY of past Regrets and future Fears-

Tomorrow? Why, Tomorrow I may be

Myself with Yesterday’s Seven Thousand Years.

Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,

Before we too into the Dust descend;

Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie,

Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and-sans End!’

The human being should enjoy his worldly life to the full. Enjoyable things in life are gifts of nature available to all. Human instinct presses him to make full use of them for his joy and pleasure. This life of enjoyment is robustly hedonistic and in harmony with human instincts and nature. It is the reason in action in experiencing joy. It is common mortals’ philosophy of enjoyment of pleasures of life. And mortals are the majority in the world. You may be one of them. I am one of them.

The present should be the center of human attention and activities.

Human love(mystic’s love) for a joyful life

Omar Khayyam is a rational hedonist and mystic. He was an astronomer and mathematician also. He does not believe in rebirth and the existence of the soul. His outlook on human life is that of Epicurus and Charvaka which is the outcome of deep knowledge and the real goal of human life.

Omar Khayyam loves his sweetheart, wine, song, and serenity.

Loving his companion, his wife, his children, his parents, his friends, and ultimately, mankind is natural to the human being. It is the fundamental condition of human existence. It is an act of aliveness. Where there is no love, there is death.

The human being shares his joy,  interest,  knowledge,  frailties,  delight, and sadness with his consort. She does the same with him. This is the unity or fusion of two human beings with each other. This fusion is the biological urge to end individual separateness and to unite two human beings into oneness. The emotional union results in bliss for them.

Erich Fromm elucidates the love- the mystic’s love- among human beings in the following words:

Love is an active power in man; a power which breaks through the walls which separate man from his fellowmen, which unites him with others; love makes him overcome the sense of isolation and separateness, yet it permits him to be himself, to retain his integrity. In love, the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.’

‘Love is the active concern for the life and the growth of that which we love.’

Omar Khayyam’s love for his sweetheart is mystic’s love for all human beings.

He outlines the hedonistic and rational view of happy human life in his own celebrated poetic words:

‘Here, with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough,

A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse- and Thou

Beside me singing in the Wilderness-

And Wilderness is Paradise enow.’

The present life, the only life we have, is inevitably our priority. I am to live fully ‘in the present, in the here and now, and not to think of the next thing to be done, while I am doing something right now.’-Erich Fromm.

Practice of hedonism

This world will be the paradise for the one who practices Omar Khayyam’s earthly, rational and hedonistic philosophy of life. The human being is born to practice it and enjoy life.

Omar Khayyam loves his sweetheart, wine, poetry, and music, all potent intoxicants for the enjoyment of worldly natural pleasures. He is entitled to this enjoyment. You are entitled to it. I have a right to it. The human being has a birthright to it.

I have substantially implemented it in my life and have been enjoying my life. You may adopt and put it into practice in your life for a life of joy.